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-outpost part one- -outpost part one-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Job Mate

Good Job mate, nice graphics, very smooth, I wanna see whats with the random generator lol!

oh and to the lad who put this

"Graphics: 4, I'm a large supporter of Stick Animation, but it didn't look as good as Xiao Xiao or Joe Zombie, they make it look good.

Style: 0, Too easy, not much hidden and no strategy.

Violence: 4, I liked that little fight between Joe and the First Pilot, but it wasn't long enough and you couldn't fight! him!

Interactivity: 1, You get to push a button, WOW!

Humor: 0, what's to laugh about?

Overall: 3. Bad grammar, almost no story, and I beat this game in 3 minutes while eating a large bowl of cereal."

I happen to think you are a moron. You do have to click a button... but that's a lot better than just watching everything go at once, while eating your bowl of cereal did you choke and possibly result in a mental sickness? Please keep your comments to a POSITIVE OR HELPFUL WAY! fucking wanker, I wanna see you make front page with something like this...

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